Sitemap - 2022 - The Real Politick with Mark Sleboda

The War on (Orthodox) Christmas

The Dead Doves of Peace

Bakhmut Meatgrinder & Copium

Zelenskiy Bids Bakhmut Farewell Forever Before its Coming Liberation and more...

US Pushes Russia & Iran Into "Unprecedented" Strategic Partnership and Now Whines About It and more...

Military Sitrep, Bakhmut, Patriots, Sanctions, Fertilizer, Nukes, and more....

The Patriot is No Wonder Weapon for Kiev, Either

The US' Scorched Earth Policy for Taiwan

Forging a Russian-Iranian Military Alliance

Reichsburger or Nothingburger?

Breaking Bakhmut

Appeasing Erdogan

Why the Global South Is Raising the Russian Flag

Russia-Ukraine Sitrep on the New Atlas

Biden Shafts Macron Again and the B21 vs the S400

SMO in Ukraine Update

Lights Out for the Kiev Regime

Western Wonder Weapons Too Fragile for Ukrainian Battlefield

Demilitarizing NATO

NeoNazi Blowback:

Kiev Regime Bombs Zaporozhe Nuclear Power Plant, Again...and much more

MH17 Kangaroo Court

Kiev Regime Forces Tape Themselves Executing Donetsk POWs

Biden says Ukrainian Missiles Struck Poland, So He Blames Russia.

Project Convergence

Kherson Withdrawal: Pros & Cons

Ukrainian Air Defense Missile Hits Poland

The Aftermath of the Russian Withdrawal from Kherson and What Chance for Diplomacy

Russia Withdraws from Kherson City

Boiling the Frog and US Mission Creep in Ukraine

Doctor Doom's Grim Predictions

The UK Is the Tail Wagging the Dog, Marching the West into WW3 Against Russia.

Saudi Turns on the Hegemon

The British Empire Attacks Crimea. Again.

The West Escalates Nuclear Tensions with Russia

General Armageddon Comes to Ukraine

Russia's Killer Drone Swarms

Putin Declares Martial Law in 4 New Territories

Welcome to the Jungle, Josep Borrell!

Ukraine Declares War on Elon Musk

General Winter is Coming to the EU

Kiev's Terrorist Truck Bombing on the Kerch Bridge to Crimea and Russia makes Ukraine Go Dark in Response

The Terrorist Attack on the Kerch Bridge to Crimea and the Russian Response

Russia's Autumn Season of Hell in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Conflict in Numbers: Manpower

Ukraine Update, Russian forces turn Mongol awaiting the cavalry, Biden admin admits their Kiev client assassinated Dariya Dugina, OPEC+ gives the US the middle finger

Ukraine updates, Russia withdraws from Krasny Lyman, and US attacks Nordstream pipelines

Discussing Putin's Speech on Incorporating 4 East Ukrainian regions into Russia

Could the US Use Nukes in Ukraine?

Could Russia Use Nukes in Ukraine?

Anthony Blinken Gaslights the World as the US Denies Blowing Up Russia's Nordstream Gas Pipelines

Russia Calls Up its Reserves and the West Loses its Collective Sh*t

How the US Economy Benefits from Coaxing the EU to Economic Suicide

Interview on Sputnik's Critical Hour 21/09/22

The Kiev Regime’s Enormous Army…of Bots and Trolls

Russian Strikes Now Target Ukrainian Infrastructure

Kiev Regime Forces to “Filtrate” Their Own Citizens in Recaptured Kharkov

The Russian Collapse in Kharkov

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