Wow. Two intelligent, very well informed people talking with each other, in order that their conversation might inform their listeners and watchers, not to merely entertain them. What a concept! Great TV.

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Mark, you need to let the host have a chance to ask you a few questions, and not steam roll him if you want to get invited back.

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Very sad situation indeed.

Praying for a peaceful resolution!

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no "Z" pin?

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Mark, we´re gonna beat them no matter what, in Jesus´ name. The Pentagram no more!

You´re gonna love my peace!

Masks off, kittens, time to face big cats, for real!

I´m still standing, fighting their war bullshit, fiercely, like a buccaneer, tooth and nail!

Let´s go on a safari! No, not on a brutal, totally legit manhunt like in Bucha, a controversial war crime massacre I also touch on in my piece, in that democratic Nutzie U What! Come on, folks, keep us company, only 30 bucks!


Get the South Africa Safari Maximum Experience DELUXE


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My new ammo, I want you all to smile .... first I am Rasputin, not kidding!

My "crazy" prophecies have come to pass .... judge for yourself!


Then I am Mr Bean


And now some wilderness


To cool off in the end


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Excellent discussion, Mark! Why does everybody hate Russia? This is why, let´s go to Russia, no problem. Now is the best time.

A man rejected by the cosmos itself, cast down from a ray of light. The modern Icarus. Too innocent for the depths of Hell, too imperfect for Heaven’s grace, doomed to earthly purgatory, me.

Bean, Mr Bean, how do you do? I am beholding The Man That Has Never Been. Done it, seen it all, been there, spilling the beans ….


Why not defund Ukraine now that it is practically destroyed, that is what its government wanted, right, or what was expected when one uses common sense and a calculator, right? Because war is always reduced to military power and economy science!


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