Excellent summary of this wasteful unnecessary war.

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The future path of this war is not a moral issue, a tactical issue or a strategic issue, it is a banking issue. The US and its wobbly NATO elites are stuck between the failed dollar and their eroded industries. They will fight a Nazified, racist war against Russia and China because they have nothing left under their emperor's clothes, and all of us will pay the price for their stupid hubris.

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The arsenal of democracy is doing a booming business.

It is just the wrong business - i.e. not the business of providing military capability.

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Great article - thanks Mark!

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Jan 27·edited Jan 27

Yes, the West lavishes weapons, money and PR upon Ukraine, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

What does Russia propose to do about it?

Meanwhile, I note that The Big Winter Offensive still hasn't happened. I am concerned that the Russian leadership continues not to take this war seriously.

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Wow ! Imagine what could have been built and fixed with all this obscene amount of money gone like a moth to a flame !

Let me throw some bad romance pop into the mix ! Delicious yet lethal caviar for Lady Gaga hardcore and die-hard lovers & haters ... NOM NOM NOM ! "The Phoenix Stardom Of Snowwhite Lady Gaga - Or My Secret Vault Relationship With Her"

The AI wars have already begun .....

Time to give the creeps the creeps, what awaits them, hell, sweet home !

Now, how do you dearest survivor get seriously entertained ? I got it, I got it, I will distract you with my bombastic TV commercial, with a pop star icon in it, Lady Gaga, hell yeah, gag me !

As an endlessly reporting WW3 war correspondent, I dare make a commercial break to catch a breath or two. 90 seconds to midnight, Armageddon, anybody ? You´d better spend that last leisure time well, leasure is pleasure, the American Way !

Fuggetabout the Jurasick Park bugs, that ridiculous AI fear mongering pre-nuclear conflict era porn, get the real beef, pure, healthy, delicious, 110% organic protein ! But it´s gonna cost you oodles $$$ !


Ok, let the AI wars continue, no problem ! Now back to work, where was I at ? LOL

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