Who would willingly be an ally to the USA? A suicidal cult, maybe?

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Great piece supported by lots of citations and secondary links. Looks like Ukraine 2.0 is in the making, unless the geniuses in the U.S. State Department/CIA/MIC/and others that run U.S. foreign policy/ discover their humanity. Note that recent local elections in Taiwan see the majority of Taiwanese people on the side of reason, rejecting the U.S.'s saber rattling.

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I am tired of people confusing $ volume for semiconductor volume.

TSMC has 55% market share in $ volume; however, this is nowhere remotely close to semiconductor volume.

The vast, vast majority of society, industry etc depends on the cheap semiconductors.

Very little depends on iPhones.

Even (or especially) military applications require specialized processes and durability which leading edge, high $ semiconductors cannot offer.

The degraded state of business, industrial and other forms of sectoral analysis is simply sad.

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The Communist Party Of China are better free-market capitalists then the West can produce.

Therefore, the collective West needs to erect trade barriers and pour money into their Weapons Industries because they can't compete in actual free-markets. In the long run it doesn't matter. The non-G7 countries are going to create sovereign markets and simply cut the Golden Billion out and let them implode under the weight of their own hubris and overblown sense of importance.

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