The logic still seems irreversible. Russia defeats Ukraine. One or more NATO states intervenes to salvage Ukraine. Russia retaliates against the intervening NATO state(s) triggering full scale war between NATO and Russia/China.

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America needs to be communist like Laos!

God's creativity and generosity is boundless as God brings order out of chaos. I am His child, Laos, a commie. What about you, are you?

Harnessed Laos beats chaos. That is where I quelled find something better, falling back to my safety net, of poignant memories, deep scars, of what life once was, following the disruptions from my usual path. It is a mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted. Did you know? When you disapprove of it because it is unofficial or unfair, and is intended to find someone guilty. However shrewd, you cannot escape my self-appointed, mob-operated tribunal that parodies existing principles of law or human right.


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