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Well, Mark, Bakhmut is just a Ponzi scheme, humanity at it. They knew I would shoot them because I am the Godfather. Or did they not? LOL! I don´t wnna shoot you, liars, lol, exhausting reasonable alternatives!

This is just another act of the Theater of the Absurd you have stumbled onto!

Swimming With The Fishes - Murdered

DISCLAIMER: This is an epic tale of betrayal, power, and murder. It is an allegory to the American dream, corporate malfeasance, and family. It brilliantly depicts the ruthless logic of capitalism, revealing the suffocating effect of profit on writing. It charts the rise and fall of the Mafia, a word you never hear from a fish. Enough said.

Do I have any kind of a moral code? Maybe I do.

Look, if one crosses a line, a line that should never be crossed, there will be serious consequences. I did not say this first. God did!

“You do wrong unto us, and we will come after you, doing to you as you have done to us.”

But, I make it clear, an eye for an eye might be the rule, I´m not taking the entire arm in trade for the finger they’ve taken from us. The response might be swift and brutal, but it’ll be about the same as the damage that they’re trying to avenge.

Actually, I have a strong moral code. I object in having you I don’t even know killed. I´m just trying to work the deal out to our mutual advantage. Though I have a clear idea on who deserves death and who doesn’t, I don´t serve justice, God does!

Let them swim with the fishes, lol!

When I am a killer, you wish I were just a natural-born thriller that portrays the American Mafia or organized crime. It is understandable. Relax, do not sweat it, I do not want to drown you with the fishes, creating confusion or a diversion to keep from answering a question. You cannot think of it as drowning the question in a river of words.

Ok, I repeat it one last time, see how nice and fair I play, giving you a choice, if you buy my Sea World DELUXE edition on my official Buymeacoffee page, nowhere else to be found, I will spare you being a large, dead fish wrapped in a bulletproof vest sleeping on the bottom of the ocean. Dig it? Dig it!


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