May 16 • 25M

US Patriot System Taken Out by Russian missiles, Pentagon Leaks vs Prigozhin Theatrics, Zelensky's Paranoid Tantrum, Bakhmut update...and more...

Radio Interview on Faultlines 16/05/23

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Mark Sleboda
Mark Sleboda's Radio Interviews and podcasts on International, affairs and security from a realist, Russian & multipolar PoV
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  • US Disinfo (Pentagon Leaks) vs Russian Psy Ops ({Prigozhin) = Farce

  • WaPo deletes part of Zelensky interview from website after his paranoid tantrum

  • Russian missile strikes in Kiev takes out US-supplied Patriot air defense system (CNN reports Biden admin officials now admitting it was “damaged”)

  • Bakhmut update

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