May 11 • 16M

Poland Plans Largest Military in Europe, US May be Reconsidering Restarting Jihadi Proxy War in Syria, Turkey's Foreign Policy Hangs in Balance in Presidential Election

Radio Interview on The Critical Hour 10/05/23

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Mark Sleboda
Mark Sleboda's Radio Interviews and podcasts on International, affairs and security from a realist, Russian & multipolar PoV
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  • Poland Recieves US Abrams Tanks and HIMARs as part of plan to build largest army in Europe

  • Lavrov suggests that US may be considering restarting its jihadi proxy war in Syria

  • Turkish election and potential implications for Turkish foreign policy and Syria

  • Fog of War - Kiev forces push Russian advance back 1 mile in local counteroffensive to SW of Bakhmut or…

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