May 15 • 13M

NATO Escalation in Ukraine and much more...

Radio Interview on the Final Countdown 15/05/23

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Mark Sleboda
Mark Sleboda's Radio Interviews and podcasts on International, affairs and security from a realist, Russian & multipolar PoV
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  • More “Pentagon leaks” narrative management

  • West supplies Kiev regime with more long range missiles capable of striking inside Russia, even as Western MSM conveniently forget numerous strikes the Kiev regime has already conducted inside Russia

  • Prigozhin’s psy op performances somewhat successful in once again goading Kiev regime forces into diverting more resources and manpower into the Bakhmut meatgrinder, that could be better used elsewhere for offensive operations.

  • Latest Western arms packages worth billions a sign that the West will not stop support for Kiev regime, regardless of whether the Kiev regime’s spring offensive is successful or not, and is escalting this proxy conflcit further.

  • No - Donald Trump could not end the conflict in Ukraine in 24 hrs or at all.

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